Could The Pokemon Story Be Turned Into A Post-Apocalyptic Vision?

Nicely, no, now not genuinely- now not if nintendo wishes to keep its lucrative spinoff market of pokemon plush doll (or ‘plushies’), filled toys, figures (which include zuken and tomy figures), and the media line along with the animation and the manga going robust. Not most effective are kids now not interested in dark, complicated doomsday scenarios, they could just turn out to be worried through the complete premise and have nightmares.

For kids, the pokemon global is a myth international, however a secure one- specially for people. I assume they just accept the sector at face value. You could make the argument that any storyline that consists of radical genetic mutation as a first-rate premise need to be sinister in a few way or another. Youngsters obviously are not giving it a lot thought even though and who can blame them?

The fact is although that upon exam the pokemon international could be very abnormal indeed. Aside from the spontaneous mutations, only a few humans seem to inhabitant the sector. I admit that i’m not a big fan, but as a long way as i understand vermillion city is the only town i realize of inside the pokemon international, and the best cause for our primary characters to move there’s to battle their captured pokemon.

Technology labs dot the countryside, and while they without a doubt are specialists on pokemon, we haven’t any idea what else it’s far that they are analyzing. In this global, it appears the earth has lower back to nation-state- there are no factories, restaurants, or highways approximately, or even houses. There may be no shopping center yet satoshi attire like a modern-day youngster. We do not know clearly wherein they may be getting their sustenance

It’s far a global dominated via pokemon, and the handiest reason that humans are capable of dominate the pokemon is because of the pokemon’s peculiar passivity and obedience towards them and the truth of their (the human’s) superior mind. People, it might appear, have gone into hibernation on this international and the handiest cause for his or her life as we apprehend it from the storyline is to have interaction pokemon into war and win tournaments. There is no underlying infrastructure or civilization- under than the labs and the area- that at the least we are able to see, that isn’t associated with pokemon and the battles.

For an person, these increase huge questions. Does this not appear a world that was destroyed millennium in the past, and is reemerging as some thing exceptional? Whilst humans seem to have survived and do no longer appear to be in chance, in addition they seem to don’t have any direction, no civilization. Or perhaps a small colony of human beings ended up at the ordinary pokemon world. Either manner, there are many strange gaps within the pokemon tale.

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